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Go BIG or go home!

October 17, 2017

A little over 5 years ago we received a portrait session inquiry for a sweet family who was coming to visit Panama City Beach. While that may be a daily occurrence, the size of this family was not! At that time, it was about 30 family members stemming from mom and dad down to their children and grandchildren. We had an amazing time at the portrait session, which ran remarkably smooth for having so many involved.

Fast forward 5 years to last winter when Maria contacted us. It was that time again, there had been a few more family members added…even a great grandbaby this time! In July we met again on Panama City Beach where we shared laughs and fun moments with the entire family of 35.

Thanks again to the Vu family for trusting us with your priceless memories and letting us share a little of your extended family vacation!

Large family portrait photographer Panama City Beach