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Pregnancy is such an amazing time. Feeling little kicks and rolls, that glow that accompanies. Though there are days it doesn’t feel so glamorous when your feet swell or heartburn happens at midnight. That is why I love maternity sessions. It gives me a chance to make an expecting mother feel gorgeous! She gets undivided attention and is made to feel so special! Even the dad’s enjoy getting in on the fun!
This beautiful mommy-to-be commissioned me to capture the beauty of her pregnancy on the beach in Destin, FL. We started at sunrise and I think the results were absolutely perfect and just what she wanted.

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Photographing newborns is a special privilege. For a parent… especially a first time parent, to trust you enough to hand you their brand new baby to photograph is a big deal! It’s even more special when that parent is also a photographer! My sweet friend and fellow photographer, Tiffany Sims of Tiffany Sims Photography brought their precious baby to me to capture those priceless first portraits. Since mom & dad are both FSU alumni, we had to throw a football in 😉

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Mobile Alabama newborn baby portrais

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Sweet southern charm was just bubbling out of little Ms. Adelaide during her portrait session at this gorgeous southern plantation home in North Florida. She reminds me of a miniature southern belle you might find at one of the beautiful mansions in downtown Mobile, AL.

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We had SUCH a great time with Alex’s senior portrait session. While it was calling for rain on the beach, it ended up clearing in time for the session. With all the cloud cover we didn’t expect a sunset. When all of a sudden at the end of the session, the sky erupted with shades of orange, purple and blue. Simply amazing sunset for the beach portraits.

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Our summer schedule for the beach fills up SO quickly, when we run out of sunsets, we offer sunrise.  Maddi was brave enough to wake up before the crack of dawn for her senior portraits. To look at her gorgeous self, you would never know we starting photographing at 6am!

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I’ll be sharing more soon but in the meantime, look at this precious little smirky smile. I bet you are smiling right back at your screen right now, aren’t ya?!?!

Santa Rosa Beach child baby photographer

We are so excited to announce our Limited Edition Easter Portraits with LIVE bunny rabbits! Classically styled children’s portrait with live bunnies.

Saturday March 9 only we will host a limited number of sessions with our adorable little bunnies!

$40 reserves your 15 minute bunny session in the studio. As always, our limited edition and mini sessions feature special event pricing. Packages starting at just $125!

You can reserve your spot online for the live bunny sessions with the link below or call the studio to reserve at 850-624-9421!

Panama City Easter bunny rabbit live animal portraits


You can reserve your spot online for the live bunny sessions with the link below or call the studio to reserve at 850-624-9421!

Ms. Lani was a pleasure to photograph. All the way from Ohio, Lani and her family commissioned me to photograph some beach senior portraits for her the week following Christmas. We were blessed with beautiful, though chilly, weather here on Panama City Beach.

Enjoy a peek at Lani’s session…

Panama City Beach 30a senior portrait photographers


Panama City Beach 30a senior portrait photographers

Panama City Beach 30a senior portrait photographers

Panama City Beach 30a senior portrait photographers

I was thrilled when I saw the clothing choices the Wiggains family had made. Bright and cheery colors look amazing on our sugar white sand and emerald water beaches. Bright colors allow for such a fun and happy session.

Panama City Beach family portrait photographers

Panama City Beach family portrait photographers

Panama City Beach family portrait photographers

Panama City Beach family portrait photographers

In case you haven’t been following…

Each month (or as many months as we can find the time anyway) 10 photographers post 10 images on the 10th of the month. Then we link to each other and you can click through from our blog all the way through the circle.

This month all I’ve got are iPhone photos. So don’t judge my iPhone-ography. 😉

Our youngest son Sebastian has had many struggles since (and even prior to when) he came into this world. Thankfully he is a completely healthy 6 year old now. About a year ago we went to the pediatrician for his checkup and discovered that he had vision problems and big ones! They sent us to a pediatric ophthalmologist. We went in knowing there was an issue but had no idea how severe. His vision was 20/100! I felt like a terrible mother. How could I not KNOW?!? How could his vision be SO poor in that eye, yet I never had a clue? As it turns out, there is a good reason. His ‘good eye’ was working overtime to make up the difference. He never complained about his vision because he didn’t know any different.

So he got his cute little glasses and was just as adorable as before (maybe even a little cuter 😉

panama city photographers. Panama City Beach destin photographers.

(Photo courtesy Kristen Reed of Kristen Reed Photography, Jackson, TN. )

For about 5 months he wore full Rx glasses 4 days a week and 3 days a week he took drops in his ‘good eye’ to help strengthen his not-so-good eye. That along with lots of prayer worked!!! His vision went from 20/100 to 20/25 in a very short amount of time. The Dr noted his progress as “Remarkable”.

Once his vision got closer to perfect, we needed to correct the problem that caused it to begin with. His eyes were turning slightly. That unfortunately, has to be corrected with surgery. In order for them to know how far to go with the surgery, they do a procedure called a Prism adaptation. This process left us bored as all get out in the ophthalmologists office for over FIVE HOURS!

Here is a shot of him with his prism adaptation glasses on…

Once that was complete, surgery was scheduled. Mommy was scared and Sebastian was only concerned as to whether this would fix him so he would no longer feel the need to pull on his little eyelids when his eyes wouldn’t go where they should. The answer was yes and he was fully satisfied with that!

The day before surgery, we dropped his big brothers off with Amma and Papa (aka grandma & grandpa) and we headed to Dothan, AL. The plan was to spend the night before surgery in a hotel so we would not have to make the trip the next morning. As we got ready to leave the house Sebastian came out and said he was ready. However, he would need to bring ALL of his “kids”. Don’t I have some lovely furry grandkids? lol

Panama City Photographers

Pictured above: Sebastian (aka Daddy), Monks the Monkey, Lioney the Lion, Baby Bear,  Emily (the dog) & Duffy (the tiny bear in front).

We found out upon arrival that the hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub so we went shopping for swimming attire and had dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Sebastian enjoying the cheese wedge from my salad…

Panama City Photographer


Once dinner was done, we went for a dip in the hot tub! Here is a shot of Sebastian and myself enjoying the bubbles 🙂

Panama City Photographers

After surgery Sebastian would not be able to swim, play outside etc for a few weeks so he enjoyed the pool until closing time. Little stud muffin.

The next morning Sebastian was a little nervous but he tried not to let it show. The sweet nurse anesthetist gave him his ‘gas mask’ to try on and he asked to keep it. He wanted to show it to brothers and play batman with it later. Lioney came along to experience everything along with him…

panama city photographers Panama City Beach destin photographers

Nervous little hands hold on tight.


panama city photographers Panama City Beach destin photographers

Checking on Lioney to be sure he wasn’t too nervous.

Panama City Beach destin photographers

When it was time to go back he laid down, smiled and went back brave and sure. He had no worries. I would have liked a shot of whatever they were going to give him. Would have probably been better to be sedated! lol

Once he had been in recovery for a while and they were waking him up, we were allowed to go back and see him. I was not prepared for what I was going to see. :*-( He was a trooper though! He didn’t cry or fuss when they awoke him. The nurses kept saying they wanted to give him something for being so sweet. He was the only child who didn’t wake from anesthesia in a rage. He woke up just as calmly as he went to sleep. We traveled back home and day 1 he slept most of the day.

Day 2 & 3 were difficult. His eyes were swollen nearly shut and he had no vision. Which is normal, but is also scary for a 6 year old! He was completely miserable. His little brain was going 90 mph but he couldn’t see and he was SO bored! He couldn’t read, watch tv, play video games and even walk around the house. Thankfully within a few days his vision was coming back and the swelling was going down. He was smiling again, even if it was a faint smile. 🙂

We received good news at his follow up the next week. They are planning to try cutting his eyeglass Rx at his next visit in November! We are super excited about that!


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