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I just love this little guy! Can’t wait to get his whole family in front of the camera this Summer!


Panama City Children's Photography Studio



Once again, it’s time for 10 on 10! 10 images, from 10 photographers on the 10th of the month. I stay so busy that I’ve never been good with keeping up with these type of projects. I’m amazed I’ve made it to the second month. LOL

Disclaimer on the images this month. Several of these were iPhone pics so no judging quality 😉

This month I will take you on a journey. At the end of February, I traveled to Texas to an amazing photography conference… workshop… Let’s just say an educational experience like no other! Every year Dave Junion and the AfterDark crew host these awesome experiences in different parts of the country. The last one I attended was in New Orleans.  This time the setting was the Bella Harbor in Rockwall, TX. Just outside of Dallas.

Before I take you aboard the plane to Texas though, I’ll share a bit of what happened the day before.

February 25 was my –th birthday. Oops did I leave the numbers out? Yeah, that was on purpose. We will just say I celebrated the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. My amazing husband planned a spectacular birthday for me with amazing food, a DJ and about 40 of my closest friends and family. We had a blast dancing the night away and celebrating. Unfortunately, I only have one image from the night and it’s an iPhone photo of my boys & I before all the fun started. Though I’m pretty sure my friends & family were okay with that. None of them wanted to be immortalized doing the chicken wing or the running man on the dance floor. hehe

Now onto the trip…

I’m not a big fan of traveling alone. I don’t mind flying alone as long as someone I know will be waiting when I exit the terminal. I always opt for a window seat and somehow I always end up on the wing.

One reason I love flying Southwest. It’s always fun! You know it’s going to be a good flight when you board the plane to see the flight attendant waving at you while laying IN the overhead baggage compartment.   Here is an iPhone image just before leaving the Panama City airport.

This time it was my dear friend and fellow photographer, Mindy Harmon who was waiting for me. We’ve been friends for several years and try to meet up at least once a year. So instead of flying into Dallas, I flew into Houston and we drove to Dallas together. Road trips are always a lot of fun until the cops get involved.  Someone with a lead foot… not gonna say who (it wasn’t me)… managed to get a speeding ticket along the way. Whoops! Sorry no pics of that. haha

Here is an image of the hotel from our balcony. Just a gorgeous view!

I have a client and friend who’s family I have been photographing since this sweet little man was in the womb. Just before Ryan’s 1st birthday they moved to Texas. So everytime I’m in the Lonestar state we make a point to meet up and get some yearly portraits of Ryan. I’ll be posting a full blog post of Mr. Ryan but here is a fun image. After the session, which we shot at the Hilton Bella Harbor, we decided to sit down for lunch. Ryan, just like most little boys, loves ketchup. I decided to show him how to eat his macaroni & cheese dipped in ketchup. He thought it better to take off the macaroni and just eat the ketchup… with a spoon… He thought it was delicious! From what I hear he’s been asking for ketchup and a spoon ever since. hehe So sorry Keri! It’s okay though, everyone knows ketchup is a vegetable. 😛

Now… the reason I love After Dark so much is the hands on teaching and learning. You are forced to think outside the box and do things that are not what you normally do in your studio. Here are a few of my images with the models during my AfterDark experience…

Rebecca Knowles Photography- glamour fashion model photography

Rebecca Knowles Photography- glamour fashion model photography

Rebecca Knowles Photography- glamour fashion model photography

…and meet Benny the Bus! You can keep up with his travels at

Panama City senior portrait photogrpher

…and out front of the Bella Harbor Hilton..

Panama City senior portrait photographer

Now… that is only 9 images. Since I don’t have a 10th I’m going to post one of me, but you aren’t allowed to laugh! Here I am, pretending to be a model for my roommates, Mindy & Margaret, while we played with lighting around the hotel. Aww, go ahead, you can laugh. LOL

Photos of Rebecca Knowles Photography Panama City Beach

That is my 10 on 10 for the month of February. Don’t forget to check out the other 9 photographers in our circle…

Amanda Joy Photography, Columbia SC Photographer