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Hey folks! Our family has decided to take a last minute trip to Disney World for the holiday weekend!

We will be out of the office from Thursday May 28- Monday May 31.  All calls & emails will be returned, when we do, on Tuesday June 1.

I hope everyone has a safe & fun Memorial day weekend. As Mickey would say “See ya real soon!”

For fun.. here is a shot of Cinderella’s castle from our last trip to Disney…

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

Seems like so many of my families lately have been from Tennessee! I am so glad the floods up there and oil spill scare down here, hasn’t kept them home!

For the record there is NO oil on our beaches, and we have great faith that it will stay that way! Our sand is still sugary white and our water is crystal blue/green.  I don’t know that there is anything more beautiful in this world!

Speaking of beautiful… this family sure is! They are somewhat the opposite of my family, in that they have 3 girls vs. my three boys. (they also have a very handsome son, don’t want to leave him out!) I enjoyed discussing the differences in raising boys vs. girls with them.

Now on to the sneak peek! 🙂

Panama City Beach Family Portrait Photographer

I always try to capture that classic beach portrait, the kind that hangs over the fireplace for years to come but I also strive to capture the candid moments, when the kids are being kids. Playing in the sand, looking for shells etc.

Panama City Beach Children's Portrait Photographer

Panama City Beach Baby Chilren't Photographer

This precious babe was an absolute doll! She even gave us a few poses of her own!

Panama City Beach Baby Children's Photographer

Ms. Santana spent some time in the studio with me capturing her senior portraits this week. We had a great time and lots of laughs. Santana was willing to try anything and even indulged me when I suggested some different things.

Santana is a 2010 senior and will be graduating  in just a few weeks. This however,  is start the season for 2011 senior portraits! We are planning to launch a new senior campaign very soon and will be looking for some local senior reps from each local high school. If this is something you might be interested in, drop me an email for more information!

Now on to the beautiful Santana…

Panama City Senior Portrait Photographer

Panama City Beach Senior portrait photographer

Panama City Senior Portrait Photography Studio

Panama City Beach senior portrait photography studio

Fun in Carillon Beach

May 20, 2010

I had so much fun early this week with this family vacationing in Carillon Beach. They have an adorable firecracker of an (almost) two year old and I think I may have a new boyfriend 😉

His Mom & Dad were married in Carillon Beach on this very walkover a few years ago and I felt very privileged to capture his first visit to the beach.

Panama City Beach Family Photographer

It took just a few minutes for him to warm up to me but once the ‘tickle hand’ came out it was all fun & giggles.

Carillon Beach Family Photographer

We walked the beautiful streets on the Carillon Beach properties and found some beautiful backdrops!

Carillon Beach Children's Photographer

Panama City Beach Children's Photographer

We made our way down to the beach and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and some fun in the sand.

Panama City Children's Photographer

Panama City Beach Family Photographer

Panama City Beach Children's Photographer

I had to share, one of the last photos I captured in this session.  Its also my favorite!  He was playing in the sand when he suddenly looked up at me and gave me this look. Oh, I LOVE it!

Panama City Carillon Beach Children's Photographer

Lynden & Shelby traveled from Nashville, TN and had planned for a beachfront wedding. The ceremony was to be held in the sand at the Sanctuary By The Sea on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The weather had other plans! There were terrible winds, dark clouds & impending rain the whole day. Thankfully the rain held out and their lovely wedding coordinator, Debbie Ballard of Ballard Brooks Events, took care of everything and reorganized the ceremony for an open air pavilion on the property of Sanctuary By The Sea.

Being from Tennessee its no surprise they chose to incorporate orange into their wedding colors. I love the bright colors they chose to coordinate as well!

Panama City Destin Wedding Photographer

Destin wedding photographer Panama City beach

Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographer

Panama City beach wedding photographer

Panama City Beach wedding photographer

Santa Rosa Beach FLorida wedding Photographer

Since they were having a more formal reception back in Tennessee, they wanted some fun, lighthearted photos. We had to improvise from our original plan of sunset beach photos but I think we got some great ones anyway! They were a great group of jumpers!

Panama City Beach Florida wedding photographer

Panama City Beach Florida wedding photographers

And we had to do at least one more serious one. The surrounding landscapes of Sanctuary By The Sea are just beautiful!

Panama City beach Florida Photographers

Its amazing how much babies change in that first year. That is one reason it is so important to capture that first year in portraits. Mr. Ryan just graduated the first year baby plan. {You can view more about the baby plans at}

I started photographing Ryan when he was still warm & snug in his mom’s belly, then again about a week after he was born, at 6 months and now just before his first birthday. Sadly, Ryan’s family has moved back to Texas but they flew back to Florida for his session and have assured me they plan to come back at least once a year.

Click HERE to view a web preview of the album Ryan’s parents ordered from me to showcase his first year in portraits.

Here are a few from Ryan’s one year session…

Panama City Baby Photographer
He wasn’t so sure about the adorable froggy cake 🙂

Panama City childrens photographer

Then we headed out to Rosemary Beach to get some outdoor scenery.

Rosemary Beach children family photographer

Rosemary beach family childrens photographer

Rosemary Beach children family photographer

Rosemary Beach children family photographer

Rosemary beach children family photographer

Rosemary Beach children family photographer

rosemary beach children family photographer

You’ve seen some of Sara’s bridal portraits in the previous blog post, now they are happily married!

Tai & Sara are one of my favorite couples. Now, I love all my couples but I’ve known Tai & Sara for several years which makes this wedding even more special. I photographed their engagement photos back in May of 2009. They have such a special connection and they are just some of the sweetest people you could ever meet!

Their beautiful wedding ceremony was held at Oaks By The Bay Park in Panama City, Florida.We started out with some fun stuff before the ceremony…

Panama City Beach Wedding Photography

Panama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City Wedding PhotographersAnticipation…

Panama City Wedding PhotographerThen it was onto the heartfelt ceremony

Panama City Wedding Photographers

Panama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City Wedding Photographers

Panama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City Wedding Photographer

Then it was on to the reception. The reception was held at the pool area of the Eagles Landing community.

Panama City Wedding Event Photographer

I got the chance to play with some lighting techniques during the reception. I love when my couples trust me enough to let me try new things.

I do have to tell the story of why this was {one hot wedding}. While taking the following photo, my assistant & I were standing on the edge of the swimming pool, straddling the beautiful candle bag decorations on the pool edge. I was framing the shot and my assistant was holding the lighting equipment where it needed to be, to correctly light this shot. All of a sudden I hear one of the groomsmen yelling and running at us. I had no idea what was going on when all of a sudden he reached in with his foot & stomped one of the candle bags that were right between my assistant & I.  Apparently the candle had caught the bag on fire and it was about to catch US on fire! Thank goodness for quick thinking groomsmen!  {Note to self} Next time, move the fire away from where you plan to stand!

Panama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City beach Florida wedding photographer

This amazing family is from Nashville, TN. They escaped the flooding for a nice beach vacation!  This is the 3rd year I have been privileged to photograph them, I love seeing families grow and children change. Mr. Logan has surely grown since last Spring!

We started out in Rosemary Beach on 30A…

Panama City Beach Photographer

Panama City Beach Family Photographer

From a baby barely walking, to a toddler learning to run and now a big boy who knows how to work it for the camera 😉

Panama City Beach Children's Photographer

We have to get some of Mom & Dad too of course!

Panama City Beach Couples Photographer

For the past three years we have recreated this shot. Its amazing to see how much Logan has grown in the same setting every year.

Panama City Beach Family Photographer

Panama City Beach Portrait Photographer

Panama City Beach Children Family Photographer

Panama City Beach Portrait Photographer

Panama City Beach Portrait Photographer

Thanks to the Piper’s for spending a fun evening with me! For all of those concerned about the oil here on the Emerald Coast, have no fear! There is not a sign of oil in sight. The beaches are as beautiful as ever!

Ms. Emma

May 4, 2010

Sweet Ms. Emma came to see me in the studio not long ago. Such a sweet little thing, at 5 weeks old, she was still tiny!

Panama City newborn baby photographerHer sweet smile was as big as her!

Panama City Newborn Baby Photography

Panama City Newborn Baby Photography

Ms. Emma’s mom has her stylin’ already! Check out those leopard Uggs!!! SOOO cute!

Panama City Baby newborn photographer

Mr. Bryson

May 4, 2010

Mr. Bryson came to visit me in the studio for some super fun 18 month portraits.

Bryson loves monkeys! He even brought one with him to include in the photos. There were lots of monkey sounds to be heard throughout the studio…most of them were coming from me! No, I’m not kidding! I do whatever it takes to make a little one laugh. I have had live animals on my head and I am not above letting out some “OOH OOH AHH AHH”s  if it gets a giggle! We had a lot of giggles with Bryson!

Panama City Children's Photographer

Panama City Children's PhotographerPanama City Children's photographer

Panama City Children's photographer